Fashionable Resistance: By Guest Blogger Jackie Clark


Hi, beauties! Today’s post is something a little different, but its a topic that one day might affect us all. It’s important to remember that beauty is more than just what meets the eye. I hope you enjoy Jackie’s article, and please be sure to leave your comments below!

Fashionable Resistance

By: Jackie Clark

Beauty is something that every woman has, no matter what her circumstances are. It is what keeps her unbowed even when she is frightened, moving forward even when she is tired. A woman’s beauty comes from within, but when she can show it on the outside as well, she is even more powerful. If you are a woman who has been laid low by mesothelioma cancer or any of the other ills that women suffer, it is time for you to remember how beautiful you are and how good you feel when you know it. There is no time like the present for you to understand how you can use your beauty.

Head to your closet and look around. How do you feel about the clothes that you have there? Do you love them? Do you find them tiring and upsetting? What are your feelings about your clothes? What many women do not know is that clothes are tools. A severe business suit says that you are no one to be trifled with, while a fun and flirty sundress celebrates your sweet nature and your sense of fun. The truth of the matter is that clothes can be your best tools when it comes to fighting a difficult prognosis.

Think about how you feel about your clothes. Many people do not realize what a lift they can get from choosing the clothes that best suit them. If you have a jacket that you know is perfect for you, and when you are tired of wearing the same old things day in and day out, put on the jacket. A single piece of clothing can do a great deal when you love the idea of changing your look. Take the jacket out and start to accessorize it. Before you know it, you have an outfit that suits you to the ground. This is the first part of building a wardrobe that makes you happy.

When you work with fashion in a way that makes you happy, you’ll discover that you are working on something that is important to you. You are doing something that is totally at odds with your illness and you are doing it just for you. Take some time to think about what your options are going to be and how you can make this type of control exercise enhance your life. If you are feeling out of control, fashion helps put you back in the driver’s seat.

Consider where you are and what you need. When you feel troubled, you need to be put back in control of your life, and your fashion choices are one avenue that is open to you. Think about how you look and what you can change about it; there has never been a better time to get started!







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